We need a new approach to business success. And, now more than ever, we encourage HR and business leaders to harness the power of their people to continue to drive their businesses forward...in brain-friendly ways!

Change fatigue and constant digital immediacy have the potential to eat away our capacity for critical thinking, imagination, creativity, as well as our mental and physical health.

At Rizing, we have always believed that people are the most important asset of any organisation. We are dedicated to supporting organizations achieve their goals by providing solutions and services that drive productivity, engagement and that help connect us with our purpose at work.

That’s why we have partnered with Link Success to bring you a specialist keynote, who offers revolutionary new brain-friendly tactics that help us explore the potential that neuroscience offers in business.

Come and join Vannessa McCamley, Leadership & Performance Consultant, Coach, specialising in the field of Neuroscience; accompanied by Mike Ellis, Rizing’s President HCM APAC in this inspirational dialogue.

You’ll understand the brain’s resistance to change or doing things in new ways as a potential “threat” state, and learn strategies to adapt from a self-leadership perspective to help others engage and adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.

  • Learn brain basics about how we make effective decisions, problem solve and innovate in times of change
  • Understand the social motivator model to improve the way we communicate, connect and engage stakeholders in brain friendly ways
  • Gain knowledge on how Neuroplasticity works, our brains ability to change and adapt by creating new habits.

We will save time for Interactive Q&A – However we encourage you to please submit questions upon registration.



Learn from these experts:

Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis

President of Rizing HCM, APAC
Mike leads Rizing's HCM APAC organisation. He has over 21 years of Cloud based HCM experience working with ADP, NGA and HCL AXON in a number of leadership roles including consulting, support, operations and sales. Most recently Mike has led the HCM APAC sales team for Rizing. Clients that Mike has worked with include Woolworths, Bridgestone, IRT Group, Singtel, BHP Billiton, Changi Airport Group, AMP, Ralph Lauren, Steelcase and Medtronics. Mike holds a EMBA and a Bachelor of Computing Science, Information technology from the University of Technology Sydney.

Vannessa McCamley

Principal Consultant & Founder, Link Success
Vannessa McCamley is the Principal Consultant & Founder of Link Success, a Leadership and Performance consultancy firm. She has earned a reputation for assisting organisations, teams and individuals to achieve impressive revenue results through behavioural change to increase performance, productivity and revenue. Leveraging the latest in Neuroscience for brain based, evidence rich strategies for improving leadership of self and others. With over 20 years corporate experience learning how to effectively connect, influence and engage different levels of stakeholders both internally and externally with successful results.